Ivan Chetail, President of the club

“Together we build our project around benevolence and sportsmanship, and thus allow able-bodied and invalid people to progress together with a spirit of solidarity.”
Our team


On November the 13th 1986, Pierre Mannheimer created the Velo Club Interville. Six years later, on February the 8th 1992, the club changed its name to become the Rhôdanian Tandem Club under the chairmanship of Michel Thevenard.

Since then, the club has grown through the involvement of volunteers and the members who compose it. After Michel Thevenard, the president of the Club was Guy Salomon ; nowdays Ivan Chetail organizes the association.

The club’s ambition

On the sporting front, its aim is to promote the development of cycling with tandems for the blind and visually impaired people, thus accompanying and inserting the disabled.

The club is affiliated to the French HandISPOrt Federation

On a human level, it aims :

  • To enhance the autonomy of people with disabilities: Relatively few blind and visually impaired people leave their homes independently, due to the unfavourable image they think they are sending back from themselves because of their white sticks and their disability.
  • To create a link through the practice of cycling with a tandem: Indeed, the tandem is an extraordinary tool and a link between the helper and the helped, a sport symbol for the accompaniment of people with visual disabilities.

We practice cycling with tandems

  • On roads
  • On cycling tracks
  • As cyclotourists
  • In competition

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