Becoming a volunteer in an association

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Volunteering means being an active citizen. This type of commitment consists of devoting time to the proper functioning of an organization without having to receive a salary. But what’s the point of volunteering if you’re not paid at all? What may be the reasons why the 13 million French people volunteer? Answers in the following lines.

The right reasons to volunteer

  • Volunteering is an opportun
    ity for anyone who wants to become useful to society. They can now wake up in the morning and have the right motivation to do good things and above all support the causes they care about. A very good way to feel surrounded, to break the loneliness and to feel useful in the eyes of others who are in need!
  • A good way to open up to others and thri
    ve By volunteering, we are brought to meet new people, other than those who are already in our circle. A very rewarding and fulfilling experience that leads us to be more open to others!
  • A golden opportunity to develop and/or acquire specific sk
    illsIf you have no professional experience, volunteering in an association will allow you to gain enough experience. Enough to add a new line to your CV that will most certainly help your future professional career!
  • An opportunity for training around a particular subject
    Thagating from the time spent as a volunteer, you will be able to acquire skills on a specific subject such as in the prison environment or the problems of teaching. An invaluable opportunity to develop your general culture and experiences!

If all this speaks to you, don’t hesitate … Take the plunge! Contact us 🙂


Project Tokyo 2021 … Too bad… but it's over:-(

In a press release, President Ivan Chetail spoke about the Tokyo 2021 project of the Rhodanian Tandem Club.

“It is with great sadness and a huge disappointment that we are forced to cancel our beautiful TOKYO 2021 project.
This cancellation is necessary in the current health context. Japan’s Kyodo News agency reported on Tuesday that the government had voted in favour of having the Olympic games without any spectators from abroad in Tokyo in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus variants.

A special thank to all the people who worked on this beautiful project.
This is only part of all the energy that emerges from our growing association.

In the event of a qualification, Anouk, Alexander and Paul, even if we are not with you physically, we will be present beside you in our mind… and so with all the strength of the group.

Projects are the drafts of the future. Sometimes the future requires hundreds of drafts – Jules RENARD.


Some more beautiful encounters with different disability actors in the region.

With Alexandre we had the pleasure of meeting:
– Sandrine Chaix, elected in charge of disability in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and founder of the H-Sport club,
– Christian Nicolas, the president of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Handisport League,
– Lucas Gebhardt founder of Mobee Travel, (first online holiday booking platform dedicated to people with specific accessibility needs,, accompanied by Nicolas Marchand and Quentin Papillon,
– Emmanuelle Thomas, Head of Partnerships, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Handisport League.
All are eager to make an introduction to the tandem …


Gagnons Tokyo with Handisport

In collaboration with the French Handisport Federation, the Rhodanian Tandem Club organizes a raffle as a major solidarity operation. Through the “WIN TOKYO” operation, support the Rhodanian Tandem Club and France’s handisport teams.The athletes of our club : Alexandre Lloveras/Corentin Ermenault and Anouk Curzillat/Céline Bousrez and perhaps more (you can do it Paul), are currently in the middle of a sporting preparation to try to qualify for the Tokyo 2021 olympic games.

How can you participate to the project?
It is very simple, you just have to buy some raffle tickets at the following address:
Contributing to our action means :

– 50% of your purchase is donated to the Tandem Club Rhodanien and – 50% to the French Handisport Federation .
And that is not all, thanks to your action :

– you are helping to change the daily lives of people with disabilities in a lasting way,

– you are allowing our teams in France to increase their chances of winning medals.

Under the control of a bailiff, a draw will be held in November 2021 at a Gala Dinner with the Tokyo Handisport Champions at the Paris City Hall.
The prizes are : an electric Renault car ; trips ; tickets for amusement parks ; 10 France team outfits ; computers ; smartphones ; drones and many others.
So do not hesitate … Take the lead by purchasing some 2 euro tickets at the following address and broadcast this operation to as many people as possible :

A big thank to all of you.
The President of the Tandem Club Rhodanien :


Follow the adventures and journeys of our qualified athletes to Tokyo by browsing on our website.

Leizure, News

Train to consolidate the offer of the Rhodanian Tandem Club

On Thursday afternoon, Ivan, President of the Rhodanian Tandem Club, carried out an activity to practise piloting a tandem. 4 motivated participants met in the velodrome of the Golden Head park.
Laurent, Pierre, Janis and Léo crisscrossed the streets of Lyon under the guidance and instruction of their trainer of the day.
Ivan: “We had a good time. I hope I have succeeded in transmitting the taste of cycling to two people. It is important for the Rhodanian Tandem Club to recruit pilots in order to meet the requests for outings by the club’s visually impaired.”

Would you like to take part in the adventure, please contact us.
Tel: 06 07 13 02 07

See you very soon.


Welcome to Tihnga

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Tihnga within the Rhodanian Tandem Club team.
We are delighted that he has agreed to assist us as Office Manager.
Tihnga currently fulfills the function of facilitato
r for ENEDIS.
His skills, his philanthropy, and his sportsmanship will contribute to the development of the Rhodanian Tandem Club.
The president,


Our team

We are a dynamic team with proven skills and experience in the field. We love what we do and we do it passionately.

Our club project is built around benevolence and sportsmanship. Its aim is to allow able-bodied and the handicapped people to progress together with a spirit of solidarity.

Ivan Chetail

51 years old
His dictum: Action is the sister of a

Contact me by email:

René Devinant

Honorary President
86 years old
Oldest member of the Club Partner of Jean-Louis in his outings in Tandem

Jean-Louis Borach

62 years old
Specialist in long-distance rides on his own or on tandem.
His dictum : “Whoever wants to travel far spares his pal.”

Claude Siroy


71 years old Teacher
Oldest pilot Vice-champion of France on tandem.

Thierry Maupin


Mireille Dehouck


Teacher 62 years old
I have been a member of the Tandem Club for more than 20 years.
My motto: “I am because we are”. (Ubuntu)

Tihnga Mbongolo

I am 51 years old. Within the Rhodanian Tandem Club, I assist and help the president in his activities regarding animation and communication.
Professionally, I deal with managerial and digital transformation within Enedis.
If I could turn into an animal, I would be a lion 😉


Saturday 27 and the MMA Foundation

A big thank you to the MMA Foundation for its financial assistance regarding the acquisition of this addition to the Rhodanian Tandem Club … With it we are going to share our passion, some emotions, share a moment, a discovery, a trip, a pretty spot, or simply share a moment of enjoyment.

Yes indeed, it is an electric tandem called Saturday 27. There will be no limit to happiness holding the handlebars of Saturday 27. Thanks to its two bosch batteries totaling a power of 1000wh or a 150 km range..
Whether you are fit or in need of practice does not matter, Saturday 27 will take you to the top of the world.

Looking forward to welcome you in order to test Saturday 27………….