Welcome to Tihnga

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Tihnga within the Rhodanian Tandem Club team.
We are delighted that he has agreed to assist us as Office Manager.
Tihnga currently fulfills the function of facilitato
r for ENEDIS.
His skills, his philanthropy, and his sportsmanship will contribute to the development of the Rhodanian Tandem Club.
The president,


Our team

We are a dynamic team with proven skills and experience in the field. We love what we do and we do it passionately.

Our club project is built around benevolence and sportsmanship. Its aim is to allow able-bodied and the handicapped people to progress together with a spirit of solidarity.

Ivan Chetail

51 years old
His dictum: Action is the sister of a

Contact me by email:

René Devinant

Honorary President
86 years old
Oldest member of the Club Partner of Jean-Louis in his outings in Tandem

Jean-Louis Borach

62 years old
Specialist in long-distance rides on his own or on tandem.
His dictum : “Whoever wants to travel far spares his pal.”

Claude Siroy


71 years old Teacher
Oldest pilot Vice-champion of France on tandem.

Thierry Maupin


Mireille Dehouck


Teacher 62 years old
I have been a member of the Tandem Club for more than 20 years.
My motto: “I am because we are”. (Ubuntu)

Tihnga Mbongolo

I am 51 years old. Within the Rhodanian Tandem Club, I assist and help the president in his activities regarding animation and communication.
Professionally, I deal with managerial and digital transformation within Enedis.
If I could turn into an animal, I would be a lion 😉


Saturday 27 and the MMA Foundation

A big thank you to the MMA Foundation for its financial assistance regarding the acquisition of this addition to the Rhodanian Tandem Club … With it we are going to share our passion, some emotions, share a moment, a discovery, a trip, a pretty spot, or simply share a moment of enjoyment.

Yes indeed, it is an electric tandem called Saturday 27. There will be no limit to happiness holding the handlebars of Saturday 27. Thanks to its two bosch batteries totaling a power of 1000wh or a 150 km range..
Whether you are fit or in need of practice does not matter, Saturday 27 will take you to the top of the world.

Looking forward to welcome you in order to test Saturday 27………….