Becoming a volunteer in an association

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Volunteering means being an active citizen. This type of commitment consists of devoting time to the proper functioning of an organization without having to receive a salary. But what’s the point of volunteering if you’re not paid at all? What may be the reasons why the 13 million French people volunteer? Answers in the following lines.

The right reasons to volunteer

  • Volunteering is an opportun
    ity for anyone who wants to become useful to society. They can now wake up in the morning and have the right motivation to do good things and above all support the causes they care about. A very good way to feel surrounded, to break the loneliness and to feel useful in the eyes of others who are in need!
  • A good way to open up to others and thri
    ve By volunteering, we are brought to meet new people, other than those who are already in our circle. A very rewarding and fulfilling experience that leads us to be more open to others!
  • A golden opportunity to develop and/or acquire specific sk
    illsIf you have no professional experience, volunteering in an association will allow you to gain enough experience. Enough to add a new line to your CV that will most certainly help your future professional career!
  • An opportunity for training around a particular subject
    Thagating from the time spent as a volunteer, you will be able to acquire skills on a specific subject such as in the prison environment or the problems of teaching. An invaluable opportunity to develop your general culture and experiences!

If all this speaks to you, don’t hesitate … Take the plunge! Contact us 🙂

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