6 tandems for a 65 kilometre ride

Four of us started from the Golden Head park, but by a quick reinforcement through the peninsula we were six at Bernard’s garage, then seeing us riding with such teams, a dozen of us reached the bridge of Decines.

Just to say, our club looks great with its tandems made of carbon or steel (all right, these latter ones are a bit heavy). The club grows up day after day with new chargers and pilots and stocks and thus does not lack panache. Ivan in blue cassock, trumpets the guidelines, but among all our elders, Bernard is the wisest : bent on his mount, piloted by Tihnga, he seems to be sleeping, but don’t be fooled; he calculates the trjectory and knows very precisely where the bumps, turns and obstacles and good restaurants are. (Reopen the restaurants!).

Under his command, the troop does the same, passing hills, bridges and ordeals without ever bending, always absorbing rain and wind with a common effort ; everything seems peaceful to us. No complaints, no tiredness, we ride, and beside us, solo cyclists cover us with their praise (and we deserve them).

How pretty that Saturday cavalcade was! The low clouds at the beginning of the day opened holes of light. Arriving on the heights of the Dombes, the sky was all blue and in the ranks, it was all about summertime, challenges ahead and beautiful friendships. We welcome new recruits every time we leave; Joachim and Matthieu, visually impaired and very good sportsmen accompany us now, ready to propel us on miles of roads. We happen to know each other while pedaling, and that’s the pleasure of the tandem : being able to chat without seeing the time pass. Sometimes on a hill, we unite our breaths, then, when the bump has passed, we resume our chatter, as if nothing interrupted it, everything looking quiet and simple, and we start dreaming of pedalling far, without ever stopping.

Leo and Romeo refresh the troup ; they are young and handsome. You would not believe it if I told you that in this club, even with René who celebrates his 87 springs head held high, mounted on his bike like all of us, really, we seem only twenty.

Sharing, sport and friendship; the most beautiful elixir of youth. It is simple alchemy : Tihnga, Bernard, Romeo, Matthew, Laurent, Joachim, Michel, Grégoire, Leo, Mehdi, Ivan and then Sophie, but you also, if you are reading me here, come and swell the ranks, let’s multiply the actions, and even, let’s be casual, have successes, let’s celebrate inclusion! The more crazy we are, the more we sow. We are witnessing that.


Here is the link if the preview doesn’t show: https://www.facebook.com/tandemclubrhodanien/videos/926401714830192

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