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Train to consolidate the offer of the Rhodanian Tandem Club

On Thursday afternoon, Ivan, President of the Rhodanian Tandem Club, carried out an activity to practise piloting a tandem. 4 motivated participants met in the velodrome of the Golden Head park.
Laurent, Pierre, Janis and Léo crisscrossed the streets of Lyon under the guidance and instruction of their trainer of the day.
Ivan: “We had a good time. I hope I have succeeded in transmitting the taste of cycling to two people. It is important for the Rhodanian Tandem Club to recruit pilots in order to meet the requests for outings by the club’s visually impaired.”

Would you like to take part in the adventure, please contact us.
Email: contact@tandemclubrhodanien.bike
Tel: 06 07 13 02 07

See you very soon.

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